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Do Noses Age? The Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey

As people grow older, many of them opt for cosmetic procedures to restore the bloom of youth. Since the shape of one’s nose changes as we age, Rhinoplasty is one procedure that has grown in popularity among older patients, also known as a “Nose Job”.

Nasal Skin and Age

Human skin often loses much of its elasticity and flexibility during the aging process. The skin around the nose gets thinner, as do the surrounding tissues that support the nose, which can change how the nose looks. The loss of elasticity can change the slope of the nose and form a noticeable bump along the bridge. Also, the skin around the tip of the nose often becomes thicker, which can cause the nose to look larger.

Cartilage and Age

Contrary to popular belief, a person’s nasal cartilage does not continue to grow much past puberty. In females, the nose stops growing in the mid-teens. In males, it stops at around age 17 or 18; however, since the skin, fatty tissue and supporting ligaments around the nose change shape as we age, the nose can appear to be bigger without the surrounding structure to fill out around it.

Structural Changes

Although the nasal cartilage does not grow with age, the cartilage itself can undergo structural changes. The ligaments that hold the nasal tip cartilage in place can stretch and weaken, causing the tip of the nose to droop down. The tip cartilage itself can also lose its strength. In these instances, the tip of the nose can fall past the edge of the nostrils, giving the nose a droopy, hooked appearance.

Laws of Gravity

Physicists know that the acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.8 meters per second (9.8 m/sec2). Older people understand that this acceleration pulls at many of their physical features, including their nasal cartilage. The loss of elasticity in the surrounding skin allows gravity to win the battle against that formerly upturned button nose. In a related instance, gravity is also the primary culprit behind the lengthening of earlobes – along with big, clunky earrings.

Nasal Tip Ptosis

Nasal tip ptosis is defined as a condition that occurs when the tip of the nose extends below the ideal angle relative to the upper lip (90° in men, 100° in women). The drooping nasal tip can become more than a hindrance to one’s appearance. In more extreme cases, it can also cause breathing problems and sleep disorders due to an obstruction of the nostrils.

Fixing the Problems

Patients may choose to undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery to remove the bump, or they can opt for a non-surgical procedure to treat the supporting skin and tissue. Dr. Slupchynskyj always thoroughly examines your nose for structural problems, such as a deviated septum or weakened cartilage, to determine the absolute best course of action.

About Dr. Oleh Sulpchynskyj

As a renowned Rhinoplasty Surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Slupchynskyj helps Revision Rhinoplasty and Ethnic Rhinoplasty NJ patients restore facial youthfulness and address various aesthetic concerns with their nose. He provides affordable Nose Surgery cost as well as financing options. Please visit the respective pages to learn more.

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