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Before, Computer Imaged and After

26 year old black female who had a previous Rhinoplasty by another surgeon. The other surgeon used a standard silicone implant to try to raise the bridge. The implant only added more bulk to the bridge of the nose as well as add more pollybeak deformity to the lower third of the nose. The patient was very unhappy with the results. She said the it made her nose look “bulbous and more downturned or under rotated and under projected.” She chose Dr. Slupchynskyj for her Revision Rhinoplasty due to his expertise in revision rhinoplasty and African American and Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

These pictures show computer imaging and before/after photos. Rhinoplasty computer imaging is intended to show patients what they can look like after the Rhinoplasty Surgery. The actual results are about 90% accurate to the computer imaging. Computer imaging is important prior to any Rhinoplasty because it gives the patient an idea of what their nose will look like and make sure the surgeon and patient are on the same page as far as results.

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