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Before and After Rhinoplasty Photos in New Jersey

The nose is comprised of three parts: cartilage, bone and tissue. The tip of your nose can be squeezed, pinched, wiggled, and moved around quite easily. This is because it is primarily cartilage and tissue, similar to your ear. This makes it one of the most difficult surgeries for even the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon. It takes only a change of a few millimeters to give the nose a completely different appearance. Because this procedure can be complex, our surgeon chooses to approach the nose externally. With the tip of the nose open, it is easier to identify the internal structures as well as where to correct tip support, or lack of it. This procedure is often referred to as Open Rhinoplasty. Results from this surgery are expected to last a lifetime and regrowth of bumps and deformities corrected by the operation is extremely rare. If you’re looking for a Nose Job and you reside in New Jersey, Rhinoplasty information and care is closer than you think. We encourage you to explore the New Jersey Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos below; if you think that this procedure is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj can answer all of your questions about the procedure, including the benefits and risks, and techniques used, and provide valuable information including how much Rhinoplasty Costs in New Jersey.

External Rhinoplasty – Incisions

Tip surgery photo

External approach requires a small incision underneath the nose in the small area between the nostrils. We call this the columella. The incision heals such that is is not even noticed.

Tip surgery photo

External Rhinoplasty – Exposing deviated septum (right side of nostril)

Tip surgery photo

External rhinoplasty surgery gives the best visibility to internal structures.

External Rhinoplasty – Tip Graft

Tip surgery photo

Exposing the nasal tip and cartilage With the tip open we can see the internal structures such as the lower lateral cartilage and medial cartilage which give the tip support

Tip surgery photo

By making changes to the lower lateral or medial cartilage the tip can be redefined, adding more support, raising or rotating it up or reducing it.

Tip surgery photo

Sometimes making changes to the existing structures is not enough. This patient required a tip graft. The tip graft is made from the patients own cartilage that is “harvested” from other areas of the body: ear, septum, ribs. This “tip graft” will give the nose the necessary support needed to refine

Tip Graft – Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Tip surgery photo

Cartilage Graft to Tip – Ethnic Rhinoplasty

External Rhinoplasty – Spreader Graft

Tip surgery photo

Tip surgery photo

Exposing the nasal tip and cartilage

Tip surgery photo

Before and After Spreader Graft External Rhinoplasty

Problem: Crooked Nose Solution: External Rhinoplasty with Cartilage Graft

Tip surgery photo

Left photos shows extremely crooked nose; Right photos shows correction.

Tip surgery photo

During surgery: We can see the cartilage graft will be palced on the side of the nose to give support to internal structures.

Tip surgery photo

Immediately at the end of the rhinoplasty surgery case we can see the immediate correction and the now much straighter nose.

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