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Rhinoplasty – Why Nose Surgery is the Most Complex Cosmetic Procedure


Amongst all the surgical methods performed by plastic surgeons, a rhinoplasty (or nose job) is by far the most intricate one. The shape of the nose often plays a major role in defining the facial structure and is hence the most highlighted and noticeable feature of our facial appearance. If we aren’t satisfied with it, it could make us feel uncomfortable during a face-to-face interaction with anyone. It could be in any shape, be it crooked or has a bump or dent or is just too long, there exist ways in which you could enhance and work on the shape of the nose. A rhinoplasty can be executed with all the surgical slit on the inside or with some on the skin; it can be executed with or without usage of cartilage or bone grafts; it can be accomplished for breathing difficulties and can also be done entirely non-surgically using injections of skin fillers to fill out some of the nose skin to hide tiny imperfections in the nose. A “nose job” procedure sounds as if it would hurt, but in reality, it really doesn’t. Mostly patients assume that a rhinoplasty has got to be a painful procedure. They delay their consultation as they dread a recovery about which, they know very little about. The truth is that a rhinoplasty is one of the least uncomfortable procedures in all of plastic surgery! Patients regularly seem surprised by this fact but quickly learn after their procedure that they truly have very little discomfort.


You have a list of options readily available for you if you wish to have any cosmetic surgery operation done all through the world. The right approach is just not to pick the first rhinoplasty surgeon you come across and dive into an expensive and personal process without doing some research. You should make a list of surgeons to choose from and then fix an appointment with each one of them personally at some point. You should make yourself ready for some time in commuting as the doctor may be far away from the place you live in. Subsequently, be mentally ready for some extensive research. The more time you invest in researching about your stand prior to your procedure, the less time you’ll waste regretting it later.


Assessment of the nose

Before you go through a rhinoplasty, a good plastic surgeon will assess your nose. You will have to share everything you would like to achieve and what you dislike about your nose. It is quite crucial to have a very clear mind about this, because there is so much we can experiment with while going through a nose surgery. Your surgeon will enquire you about your regular health and related problems and whether you have any previous relevant issues with your nose (operations, injuries, breathing difficulties, and so on). Your surgeon will also have a look at the skin of the nose and will assess the size and shape of the rest of your face.

Expected and unexpected results of nose surgery

Even though the end results are not seen for at least a year after a rhinoplasty, there are some things we expect during the recovery and some things we hope not to see. We look forward to a change in the shape of the nose; we want this to be your awaited result, but everybody has to be practical about the exact size and shape of the final result. There may be times when you don’t get the ideal nose type or shape you wanted and that is because we often aim for improvement rather than perfection. Some of the after effects we wish not to see are things like infections, abnormal bleeding and swelling, over and under correction, cartilages and bones moving after they have been set in a particular position etc.


With all the difficulties and complexities involved in a rhinoplasty, it is taken as one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform with care and precision. Most rhinoplasty surgeons will be content with a patient who makes a wise judgement about whether to go ahead with surgery. So, if you’re planning of having a rhinoplasty, then do take out time for a few consultations with a few surgeons. If a surgeon charges a fess for the consultation then it is a small amount in comparison to the cost of surgery, so don’t let that put you off making an informed decision on whether nose surgery is for you.

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