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The Male Approach to Cosmetic Surgery Consultation


Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was seen as purely a woman’s domain. Men are increasingly wanting to look younger and more on top of things. Men may not like their nose, chin, and cheeks as much as a woman. Furthermore, they are getting the same sun and environmental damage causing wrinkles and sagginess that women get. Hence, it is not a vague thing for men to undergo rhinoplasty to get that flawless, ageless and keep a more masculine appearance. There are chances that men may also require facelift or rhinoplasty due to the presence of wrinkles and flabbiness on their face, men may also need to go through a facelift or rhinoplasty session, but their procedure or treatment is in extreme contrast to that in the fairer sex. The treatment is essentially the same; however, the manner of approach has many variations.

We cannot deny that the wishes and expectations of men vary greatly from women and even though the same surgical methods can be used, a different way is often necessary. Therefore the basic difference between male and female rhinoplasty lies in the purpose behind it. Men are more bent towards the reinvigoration of their facial appearance, as opposed to women, who are generally looking for a more glamorous look. Plastic surgeons usually find it more convenient to talk with male patients as the general perception is that they are relatively more pragmatic and straight-forward, making it simpler to understand their expectations or needs and simplify the rhinoplasty. Men want a rejuvenation rather than glamorisation. In fact, men are very pragmatic and don’t have any hidden agendas and it’s quite easy to find out their expectations.

The sole explanation behind why male patients are preferred in rhinoplasty is because it is essential for the surgeon to know the likes and dislikes of the patient, along with other important information. This further leads to an assured achievement of desired results. A particular reason behind getting rhinoplasty may also prove to be crucial; the dots can actually be joint to dating, aging or career. Men are normally more open about their lives and readily provide the much-needed information to make the surgeon’s job easier and quick.

In the quest of high-profile botched up surgeries and rhinoplasty treatments in the past times, namely Michael Jackson et al, a majority men have become more worried about going through a cosmetic surgery. What they should know is that such cases are normally because of a result of multiple surgeries on the same area; else, the scope for an error is minimal.

The majority of surgeons have the opinion that males are more aligned towards tackling their needs, which is decent news as it assists the surgeon in a better manner in order to understand what exactly the patient expects to be done. Nonetheless, the only glitch comes up when the talk turns to medical history. Males usually tend to be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to their health problems and normally think nothing of any illness like headaches or chest pains. While a rhinoplasty procedure is active, it is crucial for the surgeon to be well versed with the medical history of the patient. This would make him understand what needs to be done and what needs to be prevented during the surgery to avoid any complications from arising. This can be dealt by encouraging patients to go through a complete medical examination and go through their past medical records or consult their physician.

With changing notions about cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty, a great number of men are inclining towards such medical procedures to maintain their looks and correct aberration. It can be therefore predicted that rhinoplasty may soon call it a day to be a taboo for men all around the world. Due to a lingering embarrassment for seeking cosmetic surgery men also tend to be very well informed. There is an abundance of sources of accessible information on cosmetic surgery finding out about procedures can be done in complete privacy. Men do their research before taking their first consultation with a surgeon which makes them a little comfortable and confident.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty or Cosmetic Surgery is a term used to describe an elective surgical change to the nose; surgery not needed as a result of trauma, disease or congenital malformation. It is simply a change to one’s nose because they want it to look different. Historically, nose surgery was something that only the elite or wealthy pursued. It was neither widely available nor affordable to the general public. As a well-trained and educated facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is able to produce beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients. In fact, he often performs Revision Rhinoplasty for patients who were not able to achieve their desired results. The firm’s surgical suite has achieved accreditation and certification by the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.